Feature: Cadbury ‘Release the Goo’

Easter from IconDockCadbury has released an Easter campaign centered on their much celebrated creme eggs. The UK company has, in my opinion, drafted an ingenious marketing effort surrounding letting the goo out.

Their Canadian site features the opportunity to play, watch and stream some really innovative advertising.

In an effort to round out my commentary on Marketing, I wanted to highlight this campaign for certainly grabbing my attention.

I've never eaten a Cadbury Creme Egg before and I now I most certainly will. Is that enough?

Why I like it:
Bullet Innovation - New take on an old classic. The eggs are well known and have now simultaneously broken in with a new generation and resonated with those past.
Bullet Appeal - Children and adults, absolutely helps to seal a broad audience.
Bullet Viral - Strong digital and viral elements enhance its web presence with numerous blogs (here and here, for example) linking to their campaign. Essentially allowing the audience to market the campaign.
Bullet Interactive - Admittedly, this is more of an offshoot of "viral," but the website (and the campaign as a whole) engages my attention and requires my participation, thereby creating a memorable and positive experience.

The list could continue on, of course, but why not try releasing the goo for yourself and seeing if you agree?

Image: IconDock

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